About us

Discover the beautiful rice-fields, jungles,volcanoes and virgin beaches of Aceh on a mountain bike. Join one of our Cycling adventures in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia! We offer: Guided an self guided and guided cycling tours and bicycle rent. Besides cycling we offer boat trips and jungle walking.
Aceh is one of the most untouched and wild provinces of Indonesia. Its beaches rival that of Bali, its jungles are home to tigers and elephants. Acehs' green and steep mountains stretch out all the way to the sea forming a very spectacular coast line. Acehs' culture is very rich and alive.
After hundreds of rides, we are certain that the bicycle is the best way to experience Acehnese culture and nature. Therefore ,we invite you to explore one of our tours and see those traditional houses, rice fields, mountains, vulcanoes and beaches with your own eyes.

How it got started

Lisa and Guido have lived in Aceh for over two years. Lisa first got a contract working for a development NGO from the Netherlands, called Hivos. Meanwhile Guido kept working for his own enterprise in the Netherlands, called Resilience. Besides, Guido also worked for other companies in Aceh. During the weekends we always went cycling, and we enjoyed it so much that we wanted to share our joy and experience with others. That's how Aceh Adventure got started. We collected bikes from other expats that left for their next station in Ruanda or Afghanistan. We found an office in Penayong, Banda Aceh's lively city centre. With friends we painted the walls and made flowerpots of old oil drums.

The initiators

Lisa is 31 and loves adventures. When she was 17 she hitchhiked in the back of trucks through Bolivia. Her cycling passion started after she met Guido (and his bike). If she sees a top of a hill, she always wants to see what's behind it. When you come to the office she will probably be able to welcome you in your own language.

Guido's passion is cycling and cycling. Since his 17th he has cycled almost all of Europe. He made trips from the Netherlands to Spain and back, From NL to Portugal, from NL to Greece (twice), and from NL to Bulgaria. His record is 330 km's on one day.


Tard is from Jawa. Tardi is a professional cyclist that joined international mountain bike competition. He is trained in the handling of GPS and is a certified first aid practitioner.

Logistics / Mechanics

Andri cycles 20 km back and forth from Banda Aceh to Lepeung a village on the West Coast. You should not miss the change to visit his village and the beautiful valey behind it. Andri arranges transport and fixes everything.

Front office

Ayu is a very helpful girl from Langsa, in the south of Aceh. Although she is afraid of riding bikes, she is very helpful and will always welcome you with her warm smile and friendliness.
Thanks to: Ben for the furniture, Eva, Angus, Alex, Novi, and Allison for the bikes, Andri for your technical support, the Hivos colleagues for the AC, and Donna for your flowers!